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British pianist and composer bringing together elements of classical contemporary music with jazz and classical connections. Influences include Phillip Glass, Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Tigran Hamasyan, Arvo Part and Michael Nyman. The debut solo album "Under the River Water", described as an improvisational minimal ode to the landscape of Dartmoor in which he grew up, was recorded in one take at Alice's Loft Studio in London and released in December 2015. Since its release, tracks have been featured on various radio stations including BBC Radio 3 and local radio. Growing up on Dartmoor, the every-changing landscape is an influential part of the music, with many themes of nature running through the basis of improvisation as a raw, continually evolving and progressing discipline. 

'An Improvisational Conversation' was a live project conceived to present somewhat of a musical thesis showcasing the development of ideas expanding from the initial album release. The performance was conducted in April of 2017 and presented a 40 minute improvisational unrehearsed passage of music. The idea behind the live event was to give a sense of the exploratory nature of the music and demonstrate the direction of music as an investigational, creative outlet rather than a refined and structured product, this theme is the primary concern of the improvisational practice and a predominant factor in the pursuit of scientific psychological study and development to balance alongside the intentionally untethered and unruly process.


2021 marked the release of the second improvisational album '120721' recorded at Middle Farm Studios in Devon, aimed more at exploring intricate and complex patterns, phrasing, arpeggiation and minimalist inspired repetition whilst challenging more technical capabilities as a pianist. Similarly to the initial album, the work is primarily improvisational and undefined, drawing on the piano and the setting and urged on by more immediate intuitional evaluation and adaptation.

Currently working towards a degree in Psychology with a particular interest in Psychopharmacology and neuroscientific fields, music and creative outlets are a crucial part of my reflection and more life based evaluation, whilst enabling fulfilment and satisfaction through unrestrained expression and release. As a person, I would consider myself cautious, improvisation provides a medium in which an experimental curiosity can be expressed through solo means, in this sense it is very self indulgent and self orientated but I also hope others can connect in some ways with it as music to me is very much about connecting amongst humans

Thank you for passing by and reading my most likely incredibly pretentious words, do get in touch if you would like to know things, collaborate or even if you are just another curious mind wanting to say hello. 

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