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Juxtaposing Textures

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Something I have been interested in for a long long time that also seeps into my musical ideas is dense, intricate and varied texture. As a child I used to love rocks, stones and minerals, I think, for a similar reason, because the different patterns and shapes in their formation captivated and excited me. I used to especially like quartz, usually partly clear where parts had broken off allowing the light to rebound and illuminate the rocks inner structures.

On from rocks and minerals, I later found myself captivated by tree bark, animal hair, moss and other heavily textures natural surfaces, this is how I then accumulated so many photographs of textures. the more I became interested the more I wanted a better lens to get the details. After taking photos of so many textures and patterns I decided to explore the possibilities of digital manipulation and editing to further delve into not only texture and pattern creation but also colour combination leading me to the place I am today. The possibilities and room for creative experimentations are boundless, there are almost infinite ways you can edit and explore textures and that is something I find exciting.




Musically I tend to work in the same way, basing much of my source ideas on a simple pattern theme and then building this up to form a more robust and heavy texture. Its a self gratifying process but one that plays an important role in my overall development and sense of fulfilment. Of all the things to indulge in, it's my thought that indulging in ones own ideas rarely has negative consequences and for some can be a good balance for other aspects of life. To those that feel they can't not create, I would say, not just give in to those motivations but strive to explore as much as you can, follow your curiosity into the maelstrom and let yourself engage passionately with it.


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