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Photo Diary | Dartmoor in Autumn

A gathering of rust/ochre hewn sightings taken on my various walks on Dartmoor in autumn. Things tend to quieten in this season and so with the cooling temperatures and shortening of days comes a stillness. You will find the locations/captions underneath.

Golden light midway along the southern border of Fernworthy, looking out to Postbridge, Dartmoor.

The remnants of a stone steading, Teign Head, Dartmoor.

A cluster of spruce trees on the open moor a couple of miles North East of Postbridge, Dartmoor.

Woodland colours just turning, off a small lane between Widecombe and Manaton/Haytor crossroads.

Teign Head, Dartmoor.

In between hues, just outside Widecombe, Dartmoor.

Follow the Trail, North Bovey, Dartmoor.

Peak o' the hill, Broad Burrow, overlooking Headland Warren, Dartmoor.

In between hues II, just outside Widecombe, Dartmoor.

Striking a high pose, Teign Head, Dartmoor.

In amongst the moss, Fernworthy, Dartmoor.

The system, tree roots, Hisley Bridge, Lustleigh Cleave, Dartmoor.

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